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Packaging machinery is our expertise here at Pack Line East. We provide custom-made, top quality packaging machines and have provided a variety of companies from small to large with our machinery. We are experts in the k-cup, food, cosmetics, beverage, personal/home care and pharmaceutical sectors.

Our extensive knowledge of the packaging industry allows us to be the leaders in packaging machinery and assist our clients with all of their needs when it comes to selecting, installing and servicing their packaging machines. We provide many options for filling, sealing and capping for food packages, kcups, hummus, dairy, cosmetics and so much more.

Whether you are looking to fill containers, jars, pouches, stand up pouches, trays, or a more complicated setup like multi-component package, we offer many solutions that will be sure to fit your needs. Your packaging says a lot about you and we will help you package your product using the safest, most efficient and highest quality packaging machines you can find.

Pack Line East’s core characteristic is our ability to be flexibile and customized. Our packaging machines are based on your specifications, so no matter what size or shape your packaging is we can alter your machine to fit your needs.

Check out videos of our packaging machines in action here.

To receive a quote for one (or more) of our custom machines, please fill out our questionnaire form with your specifications so we can recommend the best packaging solution for your needs.