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Plastic Sealing Machine

Sealing Machines

Packaging MachineryPack Line’s food sealing machines will provide safe, secure and sanitized solutions for your packaging. Our food tray sealing machines are designed with you in mind and their state-of-the-art design leaves little little room for sealing error.

Sealing Machines

Our PAO semi-automatic sealing machine for containers is perfect for sealing liquid, powder, granulated products and food pieces like meat. PAO can output 10 to 25 containers per minute. When the container is placed in the machine carrier, the machine cuts and seals the plastic membrane onto the container directly from a roll then automatically rewinds the waste into a rewound roll.

Our POB and PLS models are our manual sealing machines. These models can reach speeds of 12 to 14 containers per minute. They seal pre-cut aluminum foil lids. The POB has a moving platform, a heating press and timer. The PLS has an additional thermostat.

Heat Sealing Machines

We use the latest heat sealing technology on our machines. Our heat seal machines seal one layer of thermoplastic material to another using heat and pressure. A constant heating die or a cooling bar is used in this process. An inner seal can be done by our POB and PLS machines in which a heated sealing bar applies heat to the contact area of the container to seal the pre-cut lidding to the container.

Hot constant heat bars are used for pouch sealing machines or bag sealing machines. They consist of two stations, one for sealing and one for cooling. Additionally, there are heat sealing bars for cold filling and sealing and cooling bars for hot filling.


Pack Line machines can also apply lidding. There is an aluminum feeding and sealing station whereby a vertical magazine for pre-cut lids becomes part of a pick-and-place system that uses vacuum suction cups and a lids separation mechanism to transfer lids onto the container sealing position prior to the heat seal process.

Our machines have a pre-die cut lids sealing system which you often see on yogurts and similar products. We also have a capping system for bottles or a lidding system for jars. You have the option of automated the processing or having an operator manually place the lids from the vertical magazine into the jar’s sealing position.

Our sealing machines can be equipped with an optional photoelectric eye. This is a a sensor which centers the printed film or pre-cut aluminum foil in the middle of the container for correct seal placement. Our poly lid station does not require a photoelectric eye because the machine forms, cuts, and seals the container by pressing a plastic membrane onto the container from a roll of pre-printed film.

Pack Line offers many options for sealing your products so choose Pack Line today.

Our machines are custom-made and built to fit your specifications. For more information about our machines, please visit us at or you can contact us at 917-916-4477 or email

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