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Food Packaging Machines

Food packaging is at the heart of our business. With our custom-made, high quality machines, we have serviced many food companies, big and small, like Kraft, Danon, Whole Foods, Sabra, Garden Fresh, Taylor Farms and more.

We provide many options for filling, sealing and capping for food packages. Whether you are looking to fill containers, jars, pouches, or trays, we offer many solutions that will suit your needs. We provide packaging for hummus, Greek yogurt, frozen foods, single serve coffee containers (k-cups), and more.

Pack Line’s core characteristic is its flexibility and customization. Our machines are based on your specifications.


Our fillers are designed to provide an even product spread throughout. We have fillers that work well with different products.Our pneumatic and mechanical fillers are designed for liquids, pastes and salads. Our servo driven filler is meant for granulated, paste or liquid products. Our auger filler is designed for powder products and our volumetric filler fills containers with liquids. We also have special fillers for more complicated processes like our green filler for multi-component products and a specially designed PLR filler for easy-to-break products. We offer a multihead scale system, weight checker or timer mechanism that accurately supplies the proper product dosage into containers. All of our machines are equipped with a programmable logic control (PLC) system for quantity and temperature regulation.


Our machines use a heat sealing system to weld plastics and other materials to our containers. We use heated bars that apply heat to the contact area of the container which seals the film to the container. We can provide an inner recessed membrane seal before lidding. The film seal method cuts a film membrane from a roll during the sealing process. We have machines that provide an aluminum feeding and sealing station which does pre-cut aluminum lid placement and sealing as found on yogurt containers. Our sealing methods extend shelf life and prevent contamination.


We provide capping for containers, jars or bottles. The overcap lid can be applied with a pick and place system using a suction that grabs the lid and transfers it onto the container. We also have capping machines that twists cap onto bottles.This can be done in a straight or rotative process.


Our PDP line of stand-up pouch machines can be used for juices, dairy products, dressings, spices, and detergents. Our machines are equipped for modern-style packaging needs which makes our pouches attractive while increasing shelf life. Our machines include a rotary platform with pneumatic assemblies. It can work with packages that require zippers and can adjust to different pouch sizes.

Jars & Bottles

The machine can be adjusted to fill a variety of bottle and cap shapes and sizes. Our machines can fill up to four bottles simultaneously. Jar or bottle positioning is automatic and monitored by a photoelectric cell ensuring correct alignment with the fillers before filling. The machine can be incorporated in a full line including bottle blowing, capping, labeling and packing equipment. Machines include our PLF, PFM and PLG series designed for liquid and pastes.

Map Systems

One of the features that make our products unique is that they can work with a modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) system which creates a modified residual oxygen level within the package itself. A gas flush system can also complement the MAP systems that will inject products with nitrogen and remove the oxygen to increase shelf life and provide additional sanitation. A vacuum can also be used.

Our machines are designed to optimize food packaging with the highest safety and sanitation standards with speed and efficiency. We ultimately care about the final product. We want to bring your product onto grocery stores aisles and into customers homes so jump in line for our food packaging machines today.

Our machines are custom-made and built to fit your specifications. For more information about our machines, please visit us at or you can contact us at 917-916-4477 or email

Packaging Machines

Packaging Machine

Packaging MachinesPackaging machines are our specialty at Pack Line East. We provide superior quality packaging machines and service for existing packaging machines. Our newest kcup packaging machine, the PXM-2, is the perfect packaging machine for any size company that is interested in packaging k-cups and is looking for a fast, economical machine that will bring your company to the next level. This machine is capable of soaring you into the cutting edge of k-cup packaging and allowing you to surpass your competition.  These days you need to be in the K Cup packaging for your coffee company in order to stay relevant.

Here are some stats on our PXM-2 packaging machine:

Performance: Servo Driven Fully Automatic Linear Filling and Sealing machine for Filling, Sealing and Capping of Pre-Formed Containers

Output: 80 – 500 cups per min

Product: Powder / Granulated / Pieces / Paste and more

The PXM Filling and Sealing Machine offers the best solution for multi-component products with the capacity of up to eight fillers

The PXM is Pack Line’s Fully Automatic In-Line Filling and Sealing Machine and it is based on digital mechanical, combined with pneumatic assemblies. The PXM filling and sealing machines are suitable for packaging a wide range of liquid, paste, granulated and powdered products into pre-formed containers of various size and shapes. This packaging machine can be used for dairy products, salads, dressings, desserts, dry soups, frozen dishes, cosmetics and much more.

The main advantage of PXM filling and sealing machine line is its extreme flexibility:

Each filling and sealing machine is custom designed in full compliance with the product, its container and sealing style.

Depending on the output required, the machine is designed for up to eight lanes, and has a capacity of up to eight fillers for liquid, paste, dry or powdered products.

The fillers can be fitted with a CIP cleaning system.

Pre-cut lids or membrane cut from the roll can be combined with a plastic cap.

The PLC control system regulates the function of the machine as a whole or through its individual components.

The adjustment of the machine to different container sizes is fast and easy.

Greek Yogurt Packaging Machines

Norman's Dairy Greek YogurtThe Greek yogurt market is a $2 billion industry and growing. The
breakfast-turned-any-time-a-day healthy snack makes up about 35% of all
yogurt sales in the U.S., a steep comparison from five years ago when it
made up just 1%. Now you cannot go into a store without passing by a Greek
yogurt cup in the refrigerated food aisle.

As part of recognizing this growing yogurt trend, Pack Line offers yogurt packaging machines for small to mid-sized companies, machines that will help get their Greek yogurt out to
the masses. Recognized for its high efficiency, accuracy and speed, the NBM
servo-driven fully-automatic rotary filling and sealing machine is perfect
for the job.

Its sealing machines have a smooth servo driven movement of 12-positions
on its rotary platform. These features make NBM machines the best solution
for yogurt products, with an output of 30 to 120 cups per minute. The
machine is also capable of incorporating other ingredients into its yogurt
products such as fruit, honey and granola. All Pack Line machines can be
fitted with a CIP-cleaning system and a waterproof computerized control
system to regulate whole or individual parts of its machines.

A small but growing plant in New Jersey houses one of our NBM machines.
Norman’s Dairy manufactures six flavors for their Greek yogurt. Combined
with a new packaging design, the kosher food producer has seen an increase
in its Greek yogurt sales over the past year. Their Greek yogurt has gone
quickly off the shelves and yours can too with our state-of-the-art machine.

Our machines are custom-made and built to fit your specifications. For more information about our machines, please visit us at or you can contact us at 917-916-4477 or email

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