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Tray Sealer Machine

Tray Sealing Machines

Packaging MachineryAt Pack Line East we focus on providing the highest quality tray sealer machines. We offer automatic tray sealer, as well as semi-automatic and manual tray sealing machines. All of our machines are extremely versatile and custom made to your specifications.

The top of the line tray sealing machinery provided by Pack Line East will allow your business to grow in ways that you always envisioned, using for example our PXM servo-driven fully automatic linear filling and sealing machine. One of our largest models, it can handle 80 to 500 units per minute. In addition, its best use is for multicomponent products with a capacity of up to eight lanes and eight fillers. If you want to catch up with the wave of experimental additions to hummus, like adding olives or artichokes, this is the tray sealing machine that can take on the job.

For a small business looking to take the next step into expansion, the PXG pneumatic-driven fully-automatic filling, tray sealing and capping machine is a great option. It is capable of producing upwards of 25 to 100 units per minute. An alternative is the NB-070 fully automatic filling and sealing machine, which has a rotary platform and is driven by an analogue engine. It can produce up to 30 to 60 units per minute.

Our mid-range machine, the NBM servo-driven fully automatic rotary filling and sealing machine, can handle up to 30 to 120 cups per minute. Its tray sealing machines have a smooth index or driven movement of 12-positions for its rotary platform. The cup filling and sealing machine is designed for up to four lanes, and has a capacity of up to four filling units.

All the machines’ fillers can be fitted with a CIP cleaning system for easier management. They can also be controlled by a waterproof PLC control system allowing the customer to regulate the machine as a whole or through individual components.

Through our hummus filler tray sealing machines we bring hummus to the shelves through our partnerships with industry leaders in packaging design. Walking through the aisles of any supermarket, you might will pass by many delicious and fresh hummusoptions, seen through the clear top packaging. On the labels are big brands like Sabra, Tribe, Good Neighbors, Garden Fresh, Whole Foods and Wal-mart. That is a glimpse of Pack Line’s ingenuity.

Where hummus is, Pack Line’s tray sealing machines are too.

We supply the best tray sealing machines and Pack Line East is a leading provider of hummus filling tray sealing machines throughout the United States. We take pride in providing a quality customer service experience from beginning to end.

Our machines are custom-made and built to fit your specifications. For more information about our machines or modified atmosphere packaging, please visit us at or you can contact us at 212-372-7669 or email

Hummus Filling Machines

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