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Stand Up Pouch Production

Stand Up Pouch Packaging Machines

Packaging MachineryStand up pouches have become the package of choice for those who like Eco-friendly, sustainability, lightness and portability. It is a clean, safe and reliable technology for your packaging solutions. They are handy because they can stand up on their own. They have a gusseted bottom which means that it can fill in more or reduce in size. They are lightweight and easy to store.

Stand up pouches are very popular with US demand projected to increase 5.1 percent per year to $8.8 billion in 2016, according to the market research group Freedonia’s report.

Pack Line offers packaging machines that can fill and seal pre-made stand up pouches. Our PDP line of machines are also fully-automated. A main feature of our pouch machines is its flexibility to work with different viscosity from liquid, powder, paste, and granulated products and it can easily adjust to different pouch shapes and sizes. Our machines have the capability of working with re-closeable zippers so that you can keep your products fresh for as long as possible.

The machines are made of stainless steel, anodized aluminum and plastic, which are all of the materials that conform to CE, FDA, and 3A standards for food grade materials.

Our pouch packaging machine is designed with a mechanical rotary platform that can pick up closed or opened pouches. If the pouches are closed, an arm will pick up the pouch, insert a pneumatic piston to open the pouch with air, and send it along the the mechanical rotary filling system. The pouch sealing system has sealing bars for cold filling or sealing and cooling bars for hot filling.

The PDP-4 model has a four-up configuration which can output 35 to 40 pouches per minute. The PDP-2M pouch filling machine has a two-up configuration with a capacity of up to 20 pouches per minute. The PDP-S model is the smallest pouch packaging machine. It can produce five to 10 pouches per minute.

Our PDP line of stand-up pouch machines can be used for juices, dairy products, dressings, spices, breadcrumbs, and detergents.


Our machines are custom-made and built to fit your specifications. For more information about our machines, please visit us at or you can contact us at 212-372-7669 or email

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