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Plastic Sealing Machine

Sealing Machines

Packaging MachineryPack Line’s food sealing machines will provide safe, secure and sanitized solutions for your packaging. Our food tray sealing machines are designed with you in mind and their state-of-the-art design leaves little little room for sealing error.

Sealing Machines

Our PAO semi-automatic sealing machine for containers is perfect for sealing liquid, powder, granulated products and food pieces like meat. PAO can output 10 to 25 containers per minute. When the container is placed in the machine carrier, the machine cuts and seals the plastic membrane onto the container directly from a roll then automatically rewinds the waste into a rewound roll.

Our POB and PLS models are our manual sealing machines. These models can reach speeds of 12 to 14 containers per minute. They seal pre-cut aluminum foil lids. The POB has a moving platform, a heating press and timer. The PLS has an additional thermostat.

Heat Sealing Machines

We use the latest heat sealing technology on our machines. Our heat seal machines seal one layer of thermoplastic material to another using heat and pressure. A constant heating die or a cooling bar is used in this process. An inner seal can be done by our POB and PLS machines in which a heated sealing bar applies heat to the contact area of the container to seal the pre-cut lidding to the container.

Hot constant heat bars are used for pouch sealing machines or bag sealing machines. They consist of two stations, one for sealing and one for cooling. Additionally, there are heat sealing bars for cold filling and sealing and cooling bars for hot filling.


Pack Line machines can also apply lidding. There is an aluminum feeding and sealing station whereby a vertical magazine for pre-cut lids becomes part of a pick-and-place system that uses vacuum suction cups and a lids separation mechanism to transfer lids onto the container sealing position prior to the heat seal process.

Our machines have a pre-die cut lids sealing system which you often see on yogurts and similar products. We also have a capping system for bottles or a lidding system for jars. You have the option of automated the processing or having an operator manually place the lids from the vertical magazine into the jar’s sealing position.

Our sealing machines can be equipped with an optional photoelectric eye. This is a a sensor which centers the printed film or pre-cut aluminum foil in the middle of the container for correct seal placement. Our poly lid station does not require a photoelectric eye because the machine forms, cuts, and seals the container by pressing a plastic membrane onto the container from a roll of pre-printed film.

Pack Line offers many options for sealing your products so choose Pack Line today.

Our machines are custom-made and built to fit your specifications. For more information about our machines, please visit us at or you can contact us at 212-372-7669 or email

Extending Shelf Life Through Packaging Machinery

Packaging MachineryShelf life extension is imperative in any industry, from food to medicine. When perishable products, such as foods, aren’t packaged properly, it makes way for the growth of bacteria, molds, and rancidity due to the exposure of oxygen, also known as oxidation, which changes the composition of foods over time.

This is why Pack Line’s packaging machines provide you with top-notch packaging technology that ensures your food products last as long as possible while keeping quality intact.

The temperature of the internal packaging is a necessary proponent in food quality and preservation. All of our packaging machinery is outfitted with a Programmable Logic Controller, or PLC, by the Allan Bradley company. There is a temperature control mechanism that monitors the internal temperature within the package so that you can control the temperature.

We also offer several options for modified atmosphere packaging, or MAP, that are the latest technologies in the packaging industry. Our MAP system is a form of active packaging that interacts with the internal environment of the package in a process that flushes out oxygen gases and either reduces or replaces the oxygen within to that of nitrogen or carbon dioxide.

Our packaging machines use a nitrogen gas flush system. Inert nitrogen gases are injected into the package by a vacuum pump which in turn, pushes out the oxygen inside. While Pack Line offers vacuum pumps, we understand that vacuums can harm or break delicate products. Pack Line has a special process which doesn’t require a vacuum and flushes out the gases inside the package and replaces it with nitrogen.

Additionally, we use heat sealing technologies to make sure that your packaging is sealed tight.

For packaging machinery that extends your product’s shelf life, Pack Line is your solution.

Pack Line offers many options for extending shelf life of your products. Our machines are custom-made and built to fit your specifications. For more information about our machines, please visit us at or you can contact us at 212-372-7669 or email

K-Cup Single Serve Coffee Packaging Machines

Packaging MachineryCreated from the idea that people like to have a single fresh cup of coffee at a time, the k-cup coffee movement was born. In the mid to late 1990s, Keurig became one of the first recognizable brands in this market. Its parent company Green Mountain Coffee Brewers bought the patents for the single serve coffee pods making it the sole provider of k-cups for Keurig machines.

When Keurig lost its k-cup patents in the fall of 2012, there was a void that needed to be filled. Any coffee shop could now make k-cups for their machines. Competitors from giants like Kraft’s Maxwell House, the Rogers Family and Snapple jumped on board, but many small to mid-sized companies are bringing some novel tastes to the k-cup coffee market.

Pack Line offers two k-cup packaging machines that will bring your company up to speed with the latest trend.

Our PXG packaging machine is a fully-automatic filling and sealing machine. It is our smallest producing k-cup packaging machine for the growing, mid-sized company. The PXG is capable of an output of 25 to 100 cups per minute. The machine has an auger filler which provides a simultaneous nitrogen injection into the container. This modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) process will ensure your coffee beans won’t get oxidized and turn stale. The PXG has an integrated filter insertion system which accurately inserts and holds filter paper in place. The machine also seals the package with pre-cut aluminum foil lidding. 

The PXM servo-driven, fully-automatic filling and sealing machine is for coffee heavyweights. The PXM-4 can produce up to 210 to 240 cups per minute and our PXM-6 model has a capacity of up to 290 to 320 cups per minute. The PXM has ultrasonic or infrared cup sensors to ensure correct placement of filters and lids, and the option for a pre-gas flush of the empty cup. Depending on the output required, the PXM machine is designed to fit up to six lanes and has a capacity of six filling nozzles for powdered coffee products.

All of our kcup packaging machines require that you manually load the paper filter into our feeding systems. Our carriers are designed to hold the filter in a central position when it is inserted into the kcup. There is a unique vacuum system and a holding surface with pins which holds the filter in place and prevents movement. When in position, a heating element seals the filter to the side of the container with a nitrogen flush.

We have many options to help your company grow so jump on the k-cup coffee packaging bandwagon today.

Please Note: Our NBM and NB-070 k-cup packaging machines have been phased out. 

Our machines are custom-made and built to fit your specifications. For more information about our machines, please visit us at or you can contact us at 212-372-7669 or email

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